83 Main Street A2 ​  (2nd flr)  

Deep River, CT 06417 

Acoustic AG60

Acoustic  Amp  $275.00 

Slightly used Gibson Made in USA


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Munchkin Music  ages 3-5

  Group Ukulele 9 to Adult  

Group Guitar   16 to Adult

         Music Camp  Info

Marshall Stack JT60 Used  $1000.00

Looks like new, sounds great, come check out this used Marshall two piece stack, beige/brown grill cloth.  


Like New

G128S Takamine Classical 


83 Main Street A2

Deep River, CT 06417

​Fender Strata $225.00 

3/4 Electric Harmony with chip board  case Used asking 125.00 


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