Summer Music camp is instructional & fun 

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Whether you're a beginner or advanced player the summer music camp experience will prove to be educational and fun. Students will learn the art of group performance, build listening skills, & play in a band with their peers.  This is a fun and creative way to use what they have learned on their instrument and apply it in band setting.    


The opportunity for each camper to explore music theory, music composition, ear training (listening & timing), and to receive guidance in developing personal expression and musicianship through playing popular songs with other campers.

Musicianship is about preparing students not just to be players of an instrument but to play well with others, be aware of musical surroundings and hone listening skills.  Students have many opportunities to develop their skills throughout the summer music camp and the final showcase performance.  Each student’s individual talents are refined by our coaching staff and challenged to be the best they can be.

Face Arts Music summer music camp is high-energy,  fun, warm-hearted, spirited and inspiring.  In this environment our students place emphasis on musicianship, personal responsibility and supporting one another with constructive suggestions.

Our outstanding staff models the behaviors we expect to see in every camper, setting the right example by keeping to our core values of musicianship and strong ethics in every area. Our campers learn life lessons of great value--but don't tell them they are learning!  They're too busy having fun making music with coaches: Frank Natter Jr. , Frank Natter Sr, and Hillyn Natter. Our coaches will guide these young musicians for a week of fun filled music learning. Face Arts Music has been established since 2000, our teachers have combined over 40 years of teaching experience.   Our returning campers speak for our program and with that, ever year there is more to learn and fun to have. Our summer music program has been running 9 successful years, and our expert staff are professional music educators as well as performers.

Located in the beautiful downtown Deep River, Connecticut, 83 Main Street

Call 860-526-1190  Email:
 Cost:  $475.00
Early Drop Off (8:15 AM)  Pick Up between (3:05 & 3:30 PM)

A reservation deposit of $100.00 per child, per session is required. This deposit will be deducted from the session fee when the balance is paid by May 10,

Meets Monday - Friday   Starts at 9:00 AM  Ends at 3:00 PM
Mon. June 24, Tues. June 25, Wednesday June 26, Thursday June 27, Friday June 28
off June 29 then back for show date June 30, 2019 


Read what our campers have to say!

2019 Quotes Day 4 

It was a great experience, and I loved learning my instrument with someone who knows what they’re doing.”Lucy Newman

“It was fun to make new friends while learning more about music.”               Jordan Lamoureux

“It is amazing that all this can get done in just a week.” Alex Ligget

“I learned so much from less than a full week at camp.  Being in a band and working with others helped me become a much better musician” Carolyn Raymond

 “I got to play piano and write melodies.”
Lauren Sacrey

“It was an awesome one of a kind experience.” Elliot Stack

 “I learned a lot of chords and how to make them. It was all a great experience for me. This camp gave me the chance to learn more independently.” Mia Stack

“What I liked about Face Arts Summer Ensemble was learning to play chords on new instruments.” Caroline Benzi:

“I learned Under Pressure and Be Okay.”
Marley Elmoznino

 “Boy oh boy, learning experience 10/10, I’ll for sure come back next year.”        Nina Hoehnebart

“It is cool to be able to play and write music with other kids who care about it as much as you do.” Abby Johnson

“A fun, learning experience.”           Cooper Johnson

“What I liked about this was learning new things in theory.” Eric Johnson

 “Summer Ensemble is a great way for me to learn new music. It enhances my learning.” Samuel Matt

Camper's reflection 2018 

​Day 4 Reflections

“My Favorite part of camp is the makeup song (original), practice, and performing. Making music like “ Hey Soul Sister”  So everything.”
Jaime Albino-German

“I like the different types of songs. Like “Hey Soul Sister” I like it all.”
Blake Natter

“My favorite part of camp was learning new chords and the people here who help me learn.”
Mark Diaz

“My favorite part of camp is writing because you can be creative and work together to make an original”
Isabel Schmelzer

“My favorite part of camp was playing all together with the band. It was really cool to see the progress and hear how good the songs sounded in the end.”
Elliot Stack

“I liked creating our original song with my band and working with them in general”
Mia Stack

“Favorite part was band practice”
Evelyn Schmelzer

“My favorite part of camp was trying new things like the drums and liked hanging out with these great musicians.”
Dylan Royka

“I liked writing a song, it was a fun experience. The rest of it was good as well.”
Alex Liggett

“I liked when we learn how to play together”
 Alexander Chabak

“My favorite thing about music camp this year was the songwriting session. It was an enlightening experience as I learned to collaborate with my bandmates to create an amazing song.”
Samuel Matt



Read what our campers have to say!

What do you like about Camp?   Day 4 

 Young group to 10 year old 

 “I like about camp is how we go in groups and long songs and do the songs in the band” Kiana 6/27

“Camp was fun. I got to know more people and songs. Folsom Prison Blues, the Hey song!” Anouk 6/27

“I like it. I like playing music with other kids”  Owen 6/27

“I like it.”  Cole 6/26

11 - to 13 year old 
“I liked about the camp is we get to connect our band. I liked we learn new music and show what we have learned for a week.”  Jaime 6/27

“It was fun.”  Alexander 6/27

“The amount of time we get to practice.”  Blake 6/27

“Making Music with other people” Evelyn 6/27

“Something that makes this music camp so great is that we get to spend a part of our summer, learning, working and improving as musicians yet we still have fun.   Isabel 6/27

14 to 15 year old 

“This Camp was a fun experience for learning how to properly exist in a band.” Alex 6/27

Camp this year was as good as ever. I loved the song selection as well as writing our original songs.  Furthermore, Frank Jr’s music theory class was fun and eye-opening.” Samuel 6/27

“I enjoyed learning about different jazz soloing and rhythm technique.”  Cayden 6/27
s enjoy the camp. I learn so much and use that knowledge in my personal musical career. I can’t wait till next year!” Dylan 6/27

“I learned a lot during camp, especially jazz chords. Also, I’ve expanded in improvising and using certain chords to help me find others or improvise off them.”  Elliot 6/2

“I liked making two original songs this year instead of one.”  Mia 6/27

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Summer Camp Runs 3rd week of June 2020

Dates to be announced  
Meets Monday - Friday   

9:00 AM  Ends at 3:00 PM

(early drop off available)

Performance Date Sunday Following Camp Week

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