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83 Main Street A2

Deep River, CT 06417


83 Main Street A2 ​  (2nd flr)  

Deep River, CT 06417 


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Here at Face Arts Music School our teachers teach to your learning style

♪   Jenna DeLude,           Violin​, Cello 

♪   Dave Hall                     Banjo 

♪   Frank Natter,             Guitar & Classical Guitar

♪   Frank Natter Jr.,         Guitar, Piano, Folk, & Jazz

♪   Hillyn Schmelzer             Drums, Piano, Band Instrument

♪   Nancy Porco,              Brass, Piano

​​♪   Keith Vitali,               Voice, Piano , Woodwind 

Our teachers and what they teach 

Tailoring  lesson to the student's learning style

Music Lessons for Beginners to Advance Students

Face Arts Music provides quality instruction to our students, keeping learning educational and fun. Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and their passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others allowing the students' creativity and talent to shine. All our instructors are academically trained, offer specialized instruction on their instrument and tailor lessons for you and your learning style. We also have state certify teachers sharing knowledge with the students going beyond the classroom.